This is a demo site to showcase the functionality of the Onebox Plugin for wordpress.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin lets you use a shortcode [onebox url="http://example.com" title="optional title" description="optional description"] in place of a link that will display a lovely Facebook/Twitter-style box with additional information about the link, like so:

WordPress has built-in support for some links like Google+ or Twitter, where it will generate a nice-looking embed from a link or shortcode, but what about other sites? Onebox aims to let you turn any link into an embedded box, with extra features for some special sites, and with a fully customisable HTML template.

How does the plugin work?

Many webpages now have metadata in their header with a description and image to help sites like Twitter or Facebook generate embeds. Onebox can read this same data to generate similar embeds. In addition, the plugin makes use of a number of “parsers” to scan for specific sites and pull out even more data to use.
The plugin is created by Surreal Road.

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